Among the various massively played online role playing games, the Dragon Bane is the most intriguing game. Just not that its features makes one fall in love with it, but defeating the Dragons and then becoming the hero of the Dawn War attracts most player worldwide. Digital Cloud limited has gifted the iPhone users this great game that not only keep you stick with it but also facing adventures that makes it more interesting.

features of dragon bane that makes it attractive

Features that makes this game most interesting

Dragon Bane Asia is another MMORPG that has various striking features which makes this game most alluring for all. Some of the features are

  • The graphics of the game is stunning as its high definition and while playing you would sometime forget that whether you are playing a game or it’s real!
  • The character design is such that anybody would find some or other character fit for them. It’s just not stunning but amazingly creative too.
  • While playing the game, you would not only get ten classes of Warriors, but much more with which you can create your own strategy for winning the battle.
  • There are dozens of Companions and many formations to be formed with which you get countless options while playing this game. Just prepare your party in your own way and struck the battlefield.
  • Give you the chance to face other players throughout the world. With various challenges from different players you can simply rule the realm and be the best warrior in the field.


Whether you are new player or an old one, while playing Dragon Bane, you would keep on enjoying every bit of it. Getting to know the characters and leveling up after each battle, you would find that for playing this game, you just do not have to pay a single pie. So, enjoy the most attractive game free of cost.