The Kingsford Waterbay luxury condominium in upper Serangoon, Singapore is developed by Kingsford Property Development Pte Ltd. The condominium is constructed in an area of approximately 27000 sqm and it offers for sales 1165 apartments and six 2-storey strata terrace houses. The condominium will be ready for occupation in December, 2018. This condominium comprises of 9 residential blocks, each with 16 storeys. This condo assures the residents a lavish, healthy and comfortable living style. The location of the condominium is its most attractive aspect. The apartments are by the side of Serangoon River so that the residents can enjoy the water view from their homes. Also, they can enjoy various types of water sports like kayaking, fishing and power boating.

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A host of facilities

Apart from the lush green environment and the waterfront homes, Kingsford Waterbay offers exciting living conditions to its residents. Those with a car can make use of the basement carpark in the condominium. The residents can relax and breathe fresh air in the outdoor fitness centre. Those who want to go for jogging can make use of the attractive jogging track. Those who want to practice exercises regularly can make use of the gym in the condominium. Instead of going outside, the residents can meet all their daily requirements in the condominium. There are six retail shops and a childcare centre also in Waterbay.

Why Kingsford Waterbay?

Kingsford Waterbay provides top-notch facilities to the residents. Either in the morning or after the hectic activities of the day, the residents can relax in the fresh water swimming pool in the condominium which is 50m long. The tennis court in the condominium enables the residents to improve their skills in tennis. Round-the-lock security service is provided in Waterbay. The other facilities that are provided in Kingsford Waterbay condominium include a community hall, Jacuzzi and a barbecue pit. The apartments in Kingsford Waterbay condominium are reasonably priced.